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Virtual 3d-prototype

Fraunhofer IAO - Concept Test Biometric Boarding

Smart service quality assessment demonstrator

Thanks to the virtual 3d prototype of different process variants for a biometric boarding, Fraunhofer IAO and Stuttgart Airport have the possibility to optimally and purposefully test the perceived service quality even before a pilot installation.

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ServLab (Experience Space for Service Innovations of Fraunhofer IAO)


Process visualizations
Interactive 3d environments

Platform Windows
Device Desktop

How can the perceived service quality of a smart service be tested even before a pilot installation? In the specific case of biometric boarding at Stuttgart Airport, Fraunhofer IAO and Stuttgart Airport met this challenge and entrusted Solid White with the joint conception and implementation of the interactive visualization of customer journeys and processes.


Based on the processes developed by Fraunhofer IAO and Stuttgart Airport, we conceptualized and developed the 3d visualization and illustrative "simulation" of three biometric customer journeys. For this purpose, all relevant environments were created and animated in 3d. By clicking on the integrated hotspots, the user gets to the respective sub-processes so that a non-linear communication of the processes is possible.


Client: Fraunhofer IAO
Digital agency: Solid White

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