Procter & Gamble
WebGL Brand Experience

Oral-B - The Whole Body Experience

Interactive sensitization for connections in the body

The web app teaches users how different parts of the human body are connected and how important oral and dental health is in this context. To activate social media users, it is possible to create a portrait of themselves at the end of the experience that is composed with effects from the web app.


Sound and ambient accompaniment
Playful interactions
Social media activation

Platform Desktop Browser
Mobile Browser
Device Desktop

Not everyone is aware of the importance of oral and dental health in conjunction with other organs and the body as a whole. An innovative and atmospheric web experience should be developed to educate and raise awareness.


Using WebGL, we created a visually and aurally atmospheric journey "through the body", accompanied by a narrator's voice and encouraging playful interactions.


Client: Procter & Gamble
Agency: East End Communications
Digital agency: Solid White

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