S & F Personalpsychologie
Virtual Reality Assessment

S & F Personalpsychologie - VR assessment for personnel selection

With VR technology, personnel diagnostics enters a new dimension

S & F Personalpsychologie Managementberatung GmbH is a leading specialist in the development of personal diagnostic procedures and the implementation of individual assessments for personnel selection and potential analysis.

SOLID WHITE conceptualized and developed a virtual reality assessment for personnel selection for S & F Personalpsychologie, with which cognitive abilities (intelligence) and spatial imagination can be recorded.


Realtime 3d visualization
VR Tool
Measurement in virtual 3D space
"Trace data" collection
Personnel diagnostics in a new dimension

Platform Windows
Device Desktop
VR Headset

Up to now, tasks and measurements have taken place in two dimensions on paper or screen. "Up to now, these implementations have only been aids because you couldn't technically do better - two-dimensional images of the room, so to speak" (Steffen Nickel, responsible for the project and authorized signatory at S & F Personalpsychologie).

Instead of these "deficient tools", virtual reality allows spatial imagination to be "measured directly instead of just estimated". Task and measurement are therefore much closer to reality than before.


The digital VR solution developed by SOLID WHITE for S & F Personalpsychologie offers companies a "safer and more ecologically valid measurement alternative to traditional methods". This is how S&F Personalpsychologie describes the resulting tool:

  • This technology is much more pleasant for applicants because they can directly assess whether their performance is correct and the abstraction performance from 3D to 2D is no longer necessary.
  • User surveys in an evaluation study documented high levels of approval and acceptance of the applicants for the virtual implementation.
  • "Instead of just receiving the result of a performance test, the problem-solving process can now be observed; we watch the test participants thinking, so to speak." (Andreas Frintrup, Managing Director)

Client: S & F Personalpsychologie
Digital agency: Solid White

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