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dormakaba 360° City - Sales App

Award-winning, interactive brand experience and product portfolio for iOS, Android and Windows

The app is used by dormakaba as an iOS, Android and Windows version in operations, at trade fairs, presentations and for end customers as an information platform. It contains interactive functional principles, videos, fact sheets and images for nearly all products of dormakaba. The app’s core feature is the seamless switch between a 3D demonstration world and the product browser. The user never loses focus of the product, merely the context and level of information change seamlessly. That way, the user can very simply jump from the product demonstration in the building to the product information or configuration.


More than 70 3D products
3D configurator
3D product browser
3D simulation
Interactive functional principles
Videos, PDFs, images

Platform Windows
Device Desktop
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Dormakaba is the worldwide leading provider of multifunctional systems that combine physical access controls with operational data and time capture. Visualising these flexible solutions requires an equally flexible and dynamic tool that uses the potential of modern, interactive 3D environments and seamlessly combines these with 3D configuration, video, images and fact sheets. The app should additionally be present on all platforms (iOS, Android and Windows) and not only be available to the sales staff of dormakaba, but also the end customers.


In order to expose possible vulnerabilities of the previously used presentation technology, different media and tools were analysed. By means of intensive talks with sales representatives from different European countries and in close collaboration with the management, a marketing tool was developed that optimally meets the needs of Kaba.       


Customer: dormakaba
Digital agency: Solid White

German Design Award Gold
UX Design Awards nominated 
reddot Award 
DDC Award
iF Award

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