WebGL 3D configurator

ROBAX® Panel Configurator

WebGL 3D configurator for trade fair touchscreens and tablets

The configurator successfully premiered on a large touchscreen at the Progetto Fuocco 2016 trade fair in Verona. In addition, a mobile variation on a tablet and laptop are used in operations. The WebGL-based development additionally enables an online version for web browsers.


Fully scalable panels
Four different base shapes
Sketch function
PDF Export (EXE)


Platform Windows
Desktop Browser
Mobile Browser
Device Desktop

SCHOTT is an internationally leading technology company in the field of special glass and glass ceramics. SCHOTT ROBAX® glass ceramics is a multi-faceted substance and the diversity of design options was to be conveyed by means of a creative and inspiring configurator. 


Based on the concept/design of the agency Schmittgall Tower 5, we developed a WebGL-based 3D configurator with an optimal user experience and usability. In addition to diverse configuration options, it offers an integrated sketching function, features pre-configurations and allows the export and sending of a PDF with the created 3D configurations including key data such as dimensions, angles, etc.  


Customer: Schott
Advertising agency: Schmittgall Tower 5
Digital agency: Solid White


  • Schott Galerie 1
  • Schott Galerie 2
  • Schott Galerie 3
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