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Virtual Reality Experience

DTM Experience Center - VR

Virtual Reality Experience for dtm Group

The Virtual Reality Datacenter created for dtm Group is a combination of excellent craftsmanship and latest technology. It helps to plan the work steps and see the impacts on the data center operation before the desision .

Das DTM Experience Center was specifically tailored by SOLID WHITE to the demands of dtm Group, depending on their individual needs.




Virtual Reality
Various simulations
Sound experience
Brand experience

Platform Windows
Device Desktop
VR Headset

dtm Group is a worldwide known company for communication cabling and network solutions. Since more than 20 years dtm Group is worldwide in demand for planning and installation of IT networks, developing and equipping data centers, manufacturing and distributing network components and cabling technologies. In order to better plan the construction of data centers, it was important to develop a solution - a virtual data center with interactive solutions.


Virtualizing the dtm Group brand as a whole, a virtual 3D environment combines an interactive product- and brand-experience while also visualizing the connection and access control between data centers. dtm Group integrates virtual reality into the planning process of data centers.


Client: dtm Datentechnik Moll GmbH
Digital agency: Solid White

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