Workshops / Meetings / Design Thinking
Virtual Collaboration in 3d space

VISPA - the future of remote meetings

The Next Level of Collaboration.

Immersive, efficient & sustainable.

Our startup space one GmbH provides with VISPA virtual collaboration in 3d space for meetings, ideation, design thinking or brainstorming.


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create your own space
invite other VISPA users to your space
choose between different avatars
switch from bird-, to ego-, to board perspective
place as much whiteboards as you like
write notes, change their colour and place them on the whiteboards
draw on boards and on the floor
place 3D objects (e.g. personas)
copy/paste whiteboards incl. all content
import pngs or jpegs via our webnotes function
use votes & timers
and more

Platform Windows
Device Desktop

Real collaboration in virtual 3D rooms that can be individually designed by the users. Immersion through 3D spaces and a feeling of presence through avatars.


You give your team a virtual space to use in physical- or online meetings. You will never again lose outcomes and we will help you to organize them way easier. Instead you will expand your work to virtual space and create what we call „the meeting journey“. Always accessible by everyone. Everyone is up-to-date. Everyone can contribute. Everyone can see what others are working on. And what we mean is - they can really see it! This is new „new work“ for us.


Clients: Companies, research, universities
Provider: space one GmbH, a spin-off by SOLID WHITE

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