Geschichten aus Märchental
3D children stories app

Geschichten aus Märchental - App

Interactive children stories for iOS and Android by Solid White

At launch, the app contains three totally different stories and offers parents reading tips as well as small, child-appropriate explanations on how interactive children stories are created. "Geschichten aus Märchental" can be downloaded for free and each story is available as a free demo version.


Stories exclusively developed for the app
Read aloud function
Free demos for each story
Diverse interactions
2D/3D illustrations
Suggested age 3-8 years of age


Platform iOS
Device Smartphone
Download Google Play Store App Store

The goal was to combine exciting, wonderful and lively 3D and 2D worlds with stories that were newly developed for the app. The focus was on combining reading and reading aloud with interactions.   


Based on the 3D real-time engine and development environment of Unity, completely different stories and settings emerged through the collaboration with authors and illustrators. The project was supported by the state Baden-Wuerttemberg and Digital Content Funding.


Customer: children and parents
Digital agency: Solid White

  • Geschichten aus Märchental Galerie 1
  • Geschichten aus Märchental Galerie 2
  • Geschichten aus Märchental Galerie 3
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