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Augmented reality 3D Edutainment app

Smart Cities - Ready to go! AR app

Augmented reality app (iOS & Android) for the European Union

The app has three levels which each feature a single building, the city and the European area as a theme. In addition to technologies, implemented projects were also presented as examples. Edutainment enables an entry to the topic while subsequent video- and web-links provide detailed and scientific information. This app is available in English around the world. The touch-based alternative for Windows is additionally used for conventions or presentations. The app was distinguished for its excellent performance in the marketing and communications field with the 2014 Communicator Award, Silver Award for Distinction. Thanks to everyone involved!    


Augmented Reality
Serious Gaming

Platform Windows
Device Desktop

In the shape of CONCERTO, the European Union created an initiative concerned with the energy transition, which has already supported exemplary projects in 58 cities and 23 countries. The Steinbeis-Europa-Zentrum coordinates CONCERTO Premium and wanted an AR app to be developed as part of the initiative. The app was meant to be entertaining and offer an easy introduction to the topics of energy efficiency and renewable energy. The focus was placed on the interplay of measures and technologies within that.   


We combined augmented reality, detailed 3D environments and gamification. The user explores a city and its environments and is thereby informed about facts and correlations. He has the option to interactively make buildings more energy efficient but also install renewable energy sources in the city’s surroundings. A “success display” based on scientific data meanwhile communicates the achieved energy transition to the user. The app is supported by a brochure. We provided the AR marker image and various 2D/3D visualisations for the production. Whenever the AR marker image is not at hand, the app provides a touch-controlled alternative. That way the functioning is ensured at all times.       


Customer: European Union / SEZ
Digital agency: Solid White

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