Interactive 3D exhibit and 3D marketing app

ABB Drives - Marketing app

Interactive 3D world "ABB Drives"

The interactive 3D world was used at different trade fairs on touchscreen terminals. The fair presenters appreciate the interactive 3D world as a valuable tool to communicate the application fields and product benefits. Mathias Münzner, managing director of the Cortona GmbH, on working with us: "Solid White is the first choice for us when dealing with interactive 3D applications and apps. I look forward to the next project!”


6 application areas
Diverse interactive products

Platform Windows
Device Desktop

With the "ABB Drives", ABB has by far the most extensive product offer of all manufacturers in the field of frequency converters. The most diverse application areas result from this. We were tasked with communicating this wealth of information in a clear and playfully easy way.


A 3D world with industrial halls, ports and ships allows you to spatially experience in which correlation the “ABB Drives” are at their most impressive. Thus the areas can be viewed in 3D more closely and the frequency converter, too, can be inspected and opened in 3D. Various hot spots inform about the advantages using text while the relevant components are highlighted on the 3D frequency converter at the same time. 


Customer: ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd
Advertising agency: Cortona
Digital agency: Solid White

  • ABB Galerie 1
  • ABB Galerie 2
  • ABB Galerie 3
  • ABB Galerie 4
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