Interactive 3D exhibit

Airbus Virtual Showroom

3D multi-touchscreen app for trade fair terminals

The result is an interactive 3D multi-touchscreen app that is used at trade fairs. 3D simulations which the customer can influence interactively convey correlations between the requirements and system solutions. 3D product presentation or 3D data visualisations clearly communicate properties and advantages. 


Diverse interactive products and systems
Gamification (Realtimestrategy)

Platform Windows
Device Desktop

Airbus is one of the global leaders of security systems. The system solutions and services are very extensive and present a high degree of complexity. A way had to be found to communicate the content in a clear and quick way.   


We were tasked by NMY with art direction as well as producing digital content. In addition, we worked on the concept design and usability together with NMY to ensure an optimal user direction and communication of the content.


Customer: Airbus
Digital agency: NMY / Solid White 

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