Interactive 3D exhibit and 3D marketing app

WMF Buffet Configurator

3D Configurator for the new buffet system Quadro

Developed by Solid White in collaboration with the advertising agency Leonhardt und Kern for the professional hotel sector of the WMF Group, the 3D Configurator utilises the advantages of interactive, real-time 3D visualisation to a high degree and thereby offers great usability, an impressive user experience and is thus an effective tool for sales. Furthermore, the application also serves the customers for planning as well as a setup manual in internal processes. The WMF Quadro Configurator is available for free for iPads on the iTunes Store.


Preconfigured buffets
Save own buffets
Automatic product and price list
PDF export of list/buffet overview
> 80 products

Platform Windows
Device Desktop

Detailed user insights, i.e. an extensive understanding of the target group forms the basis for the concept and development of a digital measure that supports sales. The complexity and combination scope of the ‘Quadro’ product makes a personal consultation of the customer by a sales representative crucial. A real-time 3D configurator was developed for an effective consultation, which communicates the product benefits and variants and even supports the offer preparation.


The app offers maximum flexibility to sales as highly complex product combinations can be produced and modified in 3D on-the-fly. By using GUI of the same ‘physical’ size in the range below 10" and above 24" displays, the unaltered perception of the UX is achieved. The app enables the setup of buffets that stretch several hundred metres as well as modifications and recalculations down to the smallest detail. All of which occurs in real-time and on the most diverse devices.


Client: WMF Group
Advertising agency: Leonhardt und Kern
Digital agency: Solid White


  • WMF Galerie 1
  • WMF Galerie 2
  • WMF Galerie 3
  • WMF Galerie 4
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