„A fantastically implemented solution that makes many business trips superfluous and thus saves time and costs, yet also represents a fascinating user experience. It’s a place you’ll want to visit!“ - the jury’s statement at this year’s German Innovation Award 2019 could not have been better. The gold award went to SOLID WHITE for their interactive B2C solution VDC Interactive.

The Virtual Design Center was created for the dormakaba Group. As a global player, they needed a digital experience to display their access and security solutions for structures small and large. With this software, they take courageous steps towards a digital future, bringing product showcasing, communication and even cooperation to the next level.

VDC Interactive is an innovative VR solution that enables sustainable and incorporates scalable possibilities, introducing a paradigm shift from 2D to 3D marketing and general information sharing. As a high-performance virtual reality enterprise-solution for virtual corporate spaces, the VDC Interactive enables global access to VR multiuser events. This includes virtual product launches, product presentations and showrooms as well as other means of information distribution. While collaborating or attending an event, attendees can communicate seamlessly via the integrated voice and text chat.

"The idea of a virtual space that makes encounter, communication and cooperation possible among a large number of users has been implemented to spectacular effect in the Virtual Design Center. Equipped with cutting-edge VR technology, it offers a place where customers can meet advisers and allows for complex products to be explained in the virtual space in a way that may even exceed a real-life sales pitch." - jury's statement

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Johannes Schüle, Simon Walk, Patrick Müller and Christian von Bock


Christian von Bock is handed over the gold award by Andrej Kupetz

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