VR Assessment


"Virtual Reality offers methodologically completely new approaches to personnel diagnostics"
Andreas Frintrup, managing director of S&F Personalpsychologie.

SOLID WHITE conceptualized and developed a VR app for personal selection for S&F Personalpsychologie. This is optimized for the detailed, diagnostically and methodologically demanding requirements of our customer.

In addition to the world first, the core innovation is the fact that "instead of just receiving the result of a performance test", "the process of problem solving can now also be observed". "We watch the test participants think, so to speak," says Frintrup.

S&F Personalpsychologie on the result:

This allows new insights into work behavior and adds an additional dimension to the reliability of performance measurement. In addition to the result of the task, so-called "trace data" are collected, which show, for example, how often someone has looked at the construction plan again or how often it has been corrected. "These are exciting additional data that say a lot about memory performance, work behavior, learning ability and the type of problem-solving. Up until now, none of this has been made visible or measured, so HR diagnostics is entering a new dimension with VR technology." says Frintrup.

More about the project: Virtual-Reality in personnel selection

Find out more: https://www.personalpsychologie.de/en/?gclid=COzGhsGy0psCFcQTzAodYhz9Kg


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